The South Beach Food Tour – A Sampling of Miami’s Finest Cuisines

10 Aug

On my latest trip to Miami I had the pleasure of experiencing the South Beach Food Tour, a definite Must-Do when visiting South Florida. It is one of the many food based tours offered through Miami Culinary Tours. Each tour is hosted by a very knowledgeable guide based out of Miami. Our tour guide was phenomenal. She was so well-versed about not only the fantastic foods offered throughout this splendid city but also the culture, architecture, and history that has played such a huge part in making Miami the great city it is today! No matter which tour you pick, know that you will be experiencing some of the best dishes this city has to offer!

Alright, who’s ready for the food?

Our tour began at 660 located inside the beautiful Angler’s Boutique Resort. We were escorted into their trendy lounge where we were able to mingle and eat our first dish of the tour – a delightful scallop ceviche.


This was a perfect introduction to Miami cuisine. The scallops were extremely fresh and flavorful with citrus and cilantro undertones. It left us all begging for more!

After saying goodbye to our lovely hosts at The Angler’s, we took a short walk to our next location – the Bolivar Restaurant, a location famous for creating Peruvian-Colombian fusion dishes. We sampled a delectable beef and potato empanada, a crunchy tostone topped with deliciously marinated chicken and a fabulous side of salsa verde.


We were also served a classic Colombian beverage which consisted of Colombiana Soda and Aguila Beer. It was crisp and melded perfectly with our mouthwatering appetizers.



This was definitely one of my favorite stops on our tour! I cannot wait to return to try more!

Since we needed to make room for more yummy samplings we strolled over to the Essex House in the Art Deco District.


Built in 1938, it’s one of the many buildings in South Beach still displaying Streamline Architecture. This particular style uses nautical motifs like porthole windows to depict ocean liners and airplanes. It’s also one of the only hotels in Miami that has not undergone any restorations and still displays an original mural and all original tile work. Imagine all of the people that have walked across those tile floors!

After a little more sight-seeing we headed to Serafina, where we relished in the fantastic ocean breeze from their outdoor seating.


This charming restaurant, housed in the Dream South Beach Hotel, offers authentic Italian cuisine. Here we enjoyed a generous serving of chilled gazpacho and wonderfully crusty bread, perfect for dipping. I cannot think of anything more pleasant on a humid Florida afternoon!


Once leaving Serafina, we went right across the street to David’s Café to sample their divine café Cubano and guava pastries. Café Cubano is a type of espresso which originated in Cuba after espresso machines were first imported from Italy. It is now served all over Miami. While we were ordering we heard one of David’s more outgoing patrons say “It’s what puts the hair on your chest.” And boy was he right! I will admit I’m not a huge coffee fan so just one sip was more than enough for me. It provided a great, strong flavor like nothing else I’ve ever tasted. I could however snack on their scrumptious pastries all day – flakey layers of Heaven filled with guava goodness!


Since we were nicely rejuvenated we walked through more of the Art Deco District. We passed The Carlyle Hotel where scenes from the hilarious movie The Bird Cage were filmed and then of course the famous Versace Mansion.



Our strategic wandering then brought us to Jerry’s Famous Deli. Jerry’s offers your typical delicatessen menu items, anything from gigantic corned beef and pastrami sandwiches to delicious desserts. We were able to sample their gloriously moist raspberry and cream cheese filled rugalas which would make an extraordinary end to any meal! And Jerry’s is open 24 hours a day! You can’t ask for more than that!


After drooling over corned beef and brisket we continued on to Charlotte Bakery for their famous empanadas! Each one is hand made in house with only the freshest ingredients. They offer a wide variety of empanadas, depending on the ingredients and location of origin. We devoured their beautifully browned and doughy Argentina chicken empanadas. They were absolutely heavenly! The folks at Charlotte Bakery definitely lived up to their reputation!


We made a quick stop at MomoCha Teahouse after and had a glass of their bubble green tea. It was completely revitalizing – ideal in the Florida heat!


The final stop of our tour was at Milani Gelateria, one of the best gelaterias in all of Miami, and for good reason – the product they offer is beyond compare. All of their flavors are created from the finest ingredients. I sampled their incredibly creamy Dulce de Leche which is imported from Argentina! That’s right – Argentina!!


This just shows the pride and dedication they take in providing their customers with the very best! We could not have asked for a sweeter end to our tasty tour of Miami!

We all had a great time! How could we not? The weather was beautiful and the food was outstanding! Who’s ready for the Little Havana Food Tour?

Visit or call 1-855-642-3663 to book your tour today!


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