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The ultimate dining experience in the heart of New York City

4 Jul

When I first learned of Balthazar, one of the top rated restaurants in New York City, I knew I had to dine there. However, my trip was planned spur of the moment and getting a reservation wasn’t going to be an easy task. Luckily, we were able to get an 11 p.m. reservation on a Saturday night. I’m always up for a great meal no matter the time of day, so needless to say, I was elated!

We arrived promptly at eleven and the dining room welcomed us with its warmth and laid back atmosphere as we were escorted to our corner booth. Our server was extremely kind and attentive. She offered several recommendations and gave us plenty of time to peruse the menu. Our water glasses were always full and every crumb that dropped from our glorious bread basket was swiftly swept away. Balthazar is a French-inspired bistro, offering items such as French onion soup, escargots and their famous steak frites – which ended up being my entrée of choice.


It arrived and I swear I could hear angles singing! Not only was the food delectable but the presentation was gorgeous. My frites were crisp on the outside, fluffy on the inside and seasoned with just a pinch of imported French sea salt – addictively delicious. My steak was cooked medium to medium-well, seared on the outside and just the right amount of pink on the inside. It was delightfully seasoned and came with a gracious portion of marvelous garlic butter. I used the last few of my pristine fries to absorb the flavorful juices left behind by my steak. One word: Heaven.


After that amazing entrée, I couldn’t even begin to fathom how scrumptious dessert was going to be. We ordered the crème brulee which, of course, was fabulous! It was warm, unbelievably creamy and was accompanied by two of the best ginger snaps I’ve ever tasted. They were soft, chewy, and had the perfect amount of ginger. The chefs here are remarkable, creating edible masterpieces on a daily basis!


They also have a bakery attached to the restaurant where you can get some of the finest breads and pastries the city has to offer. Of course, I took some goodies home with me.

We had an extraordinary time! Balthazar exceeded every one of my expectations! I sadly do not live in New York City. However, if I did, they would surely be my number one staple.

80 Spring St
New York, NY 10012