Guide to Orlando Food Trucks

Eaters Guide to Orlando Food Trucks

Food Trucks have taken Orlando by storm! Where else can you get a gourmet meal served from a kitchen on wheels?! The chef’s use only the freshest ingredients grown locally, providing us with some of the most unique cuisine Central Florida has to offer.

Here’s a list of some of the most popular, and many of my favorite, food trucks and some of their best dishes here in Orlando:

5 Gastronomy
72126115 Gastronomy serves the best fries in all of Orlando! After perfectly frying them, they are tossed in fantastic herb-spiced oil! They are out of this world! They also create some pretty rockin’ mac-n-cheese and 48 hour braised pork tacos! All are must haves! Visit them at for their current menus and locations.

The Batter Bowl
3978211The Batter Bowl offers several decadent and creative desserts. Everything I’ve tried has been completely delightful! One of their most popular items is the Red Velvet Push Pop. Just like one of the frozen treats from your childhood ice cream truck, but this one is filled with moist red velvet cake layered with cream cheese icing. Absolute genius! They also create a to-die-for peanut butter mouse covered in chocolate ganache and crushed peanuts. Without a doubt, one of my favorite dessert trucks! Visit them at for their current menus and locations.

Big Wheel Provisions
176215Big Wheel is my absolute favorite food truck in Orlando! They are always on the cutting edge, cooking up anything from their Soft-Shelled Crab BLT (which is completely amazing) to their Carbonara Lasagna! Most everything that comes from this truck will send your taste buds soaring!! Visit them at for their current menus and locations.

C&S Brisket Bus
3983066No matter what you get from these guys, make sure it includes their wonderful brisket covered in their BBQ sauce. They take their time to ensure it is moist, tender and full of flavor. My favorite is called the Tex-Mex. It starts with their delectable smoked brisket covered in their special sauce, jalapenos and cheddar cheese all on top of buttery Texas toast. Definitely some of the best brisket in Orlando! Visit them at for their current menus and locations.

Caro-Bama BBQ
9085407Caro-Bama knocks it out of the park! Their BBQ is tender and flavorful but what puts them in a league of their own is their variety of magnificent sauces. My favorites are their Bama White Sauce (creamy BBQ sauce with a hint of tang created in North Alabama) and their Carolina Vinegar Sauce (classic vinegar based sauce born in the Carolinas) all on top of their mouthwatering pulled pork sandwich. Make sure to grab a fork – you’re gonna need it!! Visit them at for their current menus and locations.

Cafe Rouge Express
773411Cafe Rouge is known for their Fish and Chips, for good reason. The Orlando Sentinel put them on the map stating that these were the best fish and chips in town. After experiencing them, I must agree! The fish was seasoned like none other I’ve ever tasted and the chips were crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside! Definitely a winner!! Visit them at for their current menus and locations.

CK Jerk Shack Island BBQ
4281055Island BBQ offers many items such as smoked chicken, pulled pork, grilled shrimp and snapper. They also offer a variety of sauces ranging from American style BBQ to curry based sauces. All of which accompany their smoked creations wonderfully. My ideal pairing is their succulent pulled pork with their spicy BBQ sauce – Heavenly! They also offer many yummy appetizers. One standout is their Jamaican patties stuffed with curried chicken or beef!
Visit them at for their current menus and locations.

The Crepe Company
8074680The Crepe Company has a crepe for every occasion – savory entrée crepes that are perfect for any meal and sweet crepes which are the perfect end to any meal. They offer such options as their Monte Cristo Crepe containing honey ham, smoked turkey, cheddar cheese, lettuce and raspberry preserves and also their Sunrise breakfast crepe containing eggs, ham, hash browns and cheddar cheese – a remarkable way start to any day! My fave is their S’mores dessert crepe filled with Nutella, marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate sauce!! So incredibly yummy!! Visit them at for their current menus and locations.

The Crooked Spoon
2512572They create some of the tastiest burgers offered in Orlando. The one that tops my list is their self-proclaimed Crooked Spoon Burger. It is an incredibly seasoned Angus burger topped with Swiss cheese, caramelized onions and a ridiculously awesome chipotle sauce! All on top of a toasted brioche bun! I crave this burger on a daily basis. Another popular burger they create is called the 420 burger. It also starts with an Angus beef burger but then adds pineapple relish, candied bacon, Swiss cheese, and honey whole grain mustard also on a brioche bun! Amazing!! They serve a very tasty mac-n-cheese too!

The Dixieland Diner Food Truck
034The Dixieland Diner food truck specializes in Southern cuisine. My first visit was appropriately on Fat Tuesday and I was definitely in the mood for some Cajun cookin’! Their menu consisted of shrimp and to-die-for grits, perfectly fried boudin balls, fantastic jambalaya, and their fabulous beignets! I simply could not decide which item I was craving more, so I ordered one of everything! I may be a little bias considering I’m from Louisiana but I can assure you, all of their dishes are completely amazing! A definite must! Visit them at for their current menus and locations.

Fish Out Of Water Sushi Truck
233984Sushi from a truck?! Yes! And it’s awesome! My fave is their Shrimp Tempura Roll – fried shrimp, cucumber, and cream cheese, topped with eel sauce and spicy mayo! Some of the best sushi I’ve ever had! They also have knock out apps – Spicy krab nachos and Stuffed Mushrooms – White mushrooms stuffed with goat cheese and spicy tuna and then tempura fried! Ummm…Yes please!!

The Flattery
8495692The Flattery offers some marvelous and creative flatbreads. Their dough is always wonderfully crisp and chewy. My favorite is called the Smack My Swine! It starts with a tasty white sauce and fontina cheese, and then adds sweet-n-spicy bacon, prosciutto, caramelized onions, and parmesan cheese! Can it get any better?! Oh, and we can’t forget the sauces – so good!! Visit them at for their current menus and locations.

Kona Dog

It’s all about mixin’ and matchin’ at Kona Dog! You start by selecting your dog, whether it be an all-beef hot dog, a spicy sausage dog or a soy veggie dog. Then you select all your favorite sauces and mustards! Anything from spicy jalapeno to mango or pineapple. I love their sweet Hawaiian bread stuffed with a regular Sabrett hot dog and Kona Dog’s own hot sauce! Salty, sweet and spicy all in one dog! Yumm!!

Visit them at for their current menus and locations.

Korean BBQ Taco Box
8224185One of Orlando’s original food trucks offering options everyone will love. They offer Bulgogi beef, spicy pork and marinated chicken which can be accompanied by rice, put into a sub or even a taco. If you order a box meal you get a salad with their house made ginger dressing and some incredible Korean sides! A must is the fried cheese rolls and the spicy chicken wings covered in their signature sauce! Visit them at for their current menus and locations.

La Empanada
9187453I have come to realize empanadas are one of my favorite foods. And this truck offers some of my most beloved ones. Their chicken pesto empanada is amazing and the dark chocolate and sea salt one is an excellent end to any meal! They are perfectly crisp and provide amazing flavors! Visit them at for their current menus and locations.

Live. Love. Eat.
photoLive Love Eat offers tasty wraps, salads and other gluten-free and vegetarian options. Appropriately named, The Amazing Chicken Wrap has quite a large following already – grilled free-range chicken, bacon pieces, and goat cheese all topped with a divine warm bacon dressing! However, my favorite is their Potato, Cheese, and Bacon Casserole. It’s simply perfect and completely addicting. Visit them at for their current menus and locations.

Local Yolk’l
2340586Local Yolk’l serves fresh and delicious breakfast items all day because who doesn’t love breakfast for dinner?! My go-to faves are The Dabber and the Red Velvet Pancakes. The Dabber is a yummy breakfast burrito stuffed with eggs, chorizo, cheese, potatoes, and enchilada sauce. Perfect any time of day! And need I say more about the Red Velvet Pancakes…covered in cream cheese icing? Didn’t think so. Enjoy! Visit them at for their current menus and locations.

The Mangia Mobile
5480591The Mangia Mobile serves some of the finest Italian dishes in Orlando! Two of my favorites are their fried raviolis and stuffed rice balls, both served with a side of their authentic marinara sauce. The raviolis were filled with ricotta cheese, ideal for dipping. The rice balls were stuffed with a combination of cheeses, creating the perfect contrast with the crispy batter. Both are completely addicting and delicious! A can’t miss truck!!

Mayan Grill
8314050The Mayan Grill food truck offers authentic Central American cuisine. They are best known for their pupusas, whether in the traditional form or topped with marinated steak. The traditional pupusa is a corn tortilla filled with beans, cheese and chicken or pork. I ordered one of each and was stuffed after finishing just one. Oh and don’t forget their tasty hot sauces!! Visit them at for their current menus and locations.

Melissa’s Chicken and Waffles
5334297Home of the Waffle Sandwich! Melissa offers so many different options – The signature Buttermilk Fried Chicken and Waffle with country gravy or syrup, The Breakfast Waffle with bacon, egg, and cheddar cheese, or The S’mores Waffle with marshmallow fluff, Nutella, graham cracker crumbs, whipped cream and powdered sugar. My favorite is their buttermilk fried chicken topped with buffalo sauce and creamy ranch dressing all on top of a perfectly cooked waffle! Spicy, sweet and oh so yummy!

Monsta Lobsta
4642064Monsta Lobsta creates many extraordinary items – anything from lobster rolls to blue crab quesadillas. My first experience with lobster rolls actually came from this lovely establishment! It was buttery and fresh and absolutely perfect! They also offer clam chowder, lobster bisque, and blue crab rolls. Visit them at for their current menus and location.

Over Rice
photo2Over Rice offers Hawaiian and Filipino favorites such as Pork Adobo and Huli Huli Chicken. However, my favorite is their Kalua Pork. It’s unbelievably tender and bursting with flavor! Their combination plate is definitely the way to go. They give you the option of either one or two meats and each plate comes with Filipino noodles and a seriously yummy eggroll. You will not be disappointed!

Peak Season Pops
Peak Season Pops offers seasonal, gourmet ice pops which are completely delightful on a humid Florida evening. All are made in small batches using only peak season ingredients. They offer a huge variety of flavors and flavor combinations. The Peach Raspberry Swirl pop was remarkable! A wonderful balance of tart and sweetness. Other standout flavors include the Strawberry Basil and the Mango Tango! Yumm!

Visit them at for their current menus and locations.

Pop Craft Pops
Pop Craft creates gourmet handcrafted popsicles. They offer a very wide variety of flavors, including non-dairy alternatives. My favorite is the Strawberry Lemon which is made to taste like Strawberry Lemonade. Since one is never enough, I’m also partial to the Tangerine Dream. Pop Craft also offers Mexican paletas or what some call Mexican fruit bars. These are unique since they are sweetened with very ripe fresh fruits instead of sugar and corn syrup. So many options, all so delicious!

Visit them at for their current menus and locations.

011Shred-A-Bowls offers bread cones called the “The Cyclone” & bread buckets called the “The Bucket” stuffed with shredded garlic Italian beef, mojo Spanish pork, Cajun beer can chicken, braised beef short ribs, or chili. Their Cyclones & Buckets are made out of their secret bread dough recipe, hand rolled around custom molds. Each are drizzled with their signature sauce, handmade creamy coleslaw or spicy salsa. My favorite is the Italian beef in The Cyclone. It was super convenient and seasoned amazingly! I was able to walk around all while enjoying this meaty marvel!

Soup to Nuts

Soup to Nuts offers amazing grilled cheese sandwiches stuffed with anything from pulled pork and mac n cheese to blueberries and brie! Their buffalo chicken grilled cheese is one of the best sandwiches I’ve ever eaten, and I’ve had some pretty awesome sandwiches in my day. They also serve some pretty yummy soups too! Definitely a stand-out in the Orlando food truck scene!

1386604SwedeDISH is Orlando’s only Swedish food truck serving traditional Swedish fare. They, of course, offer homemade Swedish meatballs and homemade mashed potatoes with a cream sauce and lingonberry jam. Another popular item is the Viking Dog – a Swedish thin bread wrap stuffed with an all-beef hotdog, Swedish spices and homemade mashed potatoes. The Potato Cupcake is one of my faves consisting of shredded potatoes, onions and white sharp cheddar cheese. Explore and let your taste buds soar! Visit them at for their current menus and locations.

Tastebuds Catering
7911279Tastebuds’ specialty is American food with a Latin flare. Their ropa vieja tostones are outstanding – flavorful and delightfully crisp. Their chicken empanada is out of this world fantastic and their Venezuelan arepas are perfect! Everything from this truck is terrific! Visit them at for their current menus and locations.

The Big Cheese
photo3The Big Cheese offers many variations of grilled cheese sandwiches, all of which are extremely cheesy and delicious. I’m partial to one of their signature sandwiches, their namesake – The Big Cheese. It includes not four, but FIVE different cheeses. They also allow you to create your own cheesy masterpieces. You’re able to select your favorite cheese and add-ons such as bacon and tomatoes. And of course they offer sides including mac-n-cheese because when it comes to this truck, there’s never too much cheese!

Treehouse Truck

The Treehouse Truck is famous for their Luther Burger – A classic bacon cheeseburger in between two Krispy Kreme glazed doughnuts! Ummm…yes please!! Another one of my favorites is their Mamma’s PBJ. A deep fried peanut butter, jelly, banana and Nutella sandwich! Oh, and you can’t forget their Buffalo Chicken Cheesesteak! Covered in onions and Treehouse’s own buffalo sauce and blue cheese all served on an amoroso roll. Get a heaping pile of their crispy fries and you are set! They usually offer some scrumptious deep fried Oreo’s also. Visit them at for their current menus and locations.

Tubby’s Nitrogen Infused Ice Cream
580110Tubby’s uses liquid nitrogen to create some of the creamiest ice cream in Orlando! First you pick your size and ingredients (my favorites are chocolate chip cookies and peanut butter) and then they mix them with cream and lastly add in the liquid nitrogen! This ice cream will be as smooth as velvet I promise! You’re gonna be hooked!

Twisted Cuban
4878918They offer delectable Cuban cuisine. Anything from their super flavorful mojo pork and beef tacos, Cuban burgers or their G.B.D. Balls – chicken and rice breaded and then deep fried. They also serve tostones, fried yucca and perfectly chewy churros for dessert!! Visit them at for their current menus and locations.

Wako Taco
8157651Typical Mexican food truck meets not so typical Mexican cuisine here at Wako Taco. They do serve the traditional tres tacos, but then they also serve what they call a WakoChanga, which is their twist on a chimichanga. It is HUGE and fried to golden brown perfection after being filled with one of three tasty options. First being al pastor, their specialty meat prepared with a recipe that has been in their family for over half a century; which is pork marinated in a mixture of peppers, spices and fruit juices. It is then grilled and topped with pineapple. Grilled chicken or steak are also options. I’m partial to the steak WakoChanga…it’s just so good! Visit them at for their current menus and locations.

The Yum Yum Cupcake Truck
3147696They serve up some of the yummiest cupcakes in Orlando! My new favorite is their Ballad of El Churro – it is stuffed with creamy caramel! Who would not love this?! Just seeing this truck makes me happy!! They are always coming up with new and creative ways to outdo themselves! They even have a frequent visitor stamp card now – after buying twelve cupcakes you get one for free! They bake up pure happiness! Visit them at for their current menus and locations.

Be on the lookout…there’s one headed your way! You can use Twitter, Facebook or apps like Roaming Hunger to track down your favorites!


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